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Re: Anybody using Calabash under Tomcat?

From: David <dlee@calldei.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 16:33:56 -0400
Message-ID: <4C193534.5090604@calldei.com>
To: Romain Deltour <rdeltour@gmail.com>
CC: xproc-dev@w3.org
When I worked with Norm on this issue last year the conclusion is that 
Calabash is definitely NOT thread safe for sharing XProcConfigurations,
there are things it does during the lifetime of a single pipeline run 
that affect this state.  It should not be shared across threads.
However neither of us were able to find any obvious concurrency problems 
if you dont share XProcConfigurations between threads.
Not to say that there isn't, but neither of us found anything obvious.
I have not had problems but have not exhaustively tested concurrent use.

David A. Lee

On 6/16/2010 4:21 PM, Romain Deltour wrote:
> Note that in this context you need to be careful of thread safety, 
> since the Servlet code will be invoked concurrently.
> I don't know if  Calabash is thread safe, notably if you can reuse a 
> single XProcConfiguration concurrently. You could create a new 
> XProcConfiguration for each call, however I guess it is less efficient 
> than if you could share it  (and notably the underlying Saxon 
> Processor) among concurrent calls.
> Romain.
> Le 16 juin 10 à 07:18, Chris Maloney a écrit :
>> Seems like it would make sense.  I'm just wondering if it would be 
>> easy to adapt it, or not.
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