Re: Thoughts on cx:zip

Dave Pawson <> writes:
> 2009/5/26 Norman Walsh <>:
>> Dave Pawson <> writes:
>>>> The idea is that the manifest says what to do. The step takes the
>>>> documents identified by the @href's in the manifest and puts them in
>>>> the zip file with the names specified by the @name's.
>>> -1, but only if you are considering the idea of XSLT style variables?
>>> Using indirection via a manifest I lose the ability to list out the
>>> files using variables which the implementation has resolved?
>>> How to get dir/dir/*.xml ?
>>From which I gather you don't support the idea
> of using variables as per XSLT?
> A manifest would kill it altogether.

Expressing the manifest as an XML document doesn't prevent
indirection. The question is, what's the best way to provide that

> So no indirection in xproc?

If by "indirection" you mean the ability to compute the manifest at
runtime, using either variables/parameters or a list of the current
files on disk, then you can absolutely use indirection.

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