EMC XProc Engine (Calumet) 1.0.9 released

Changes in version 1.0.9:
    * Detection of various XProc static and dynamic errors is more
    * New security API
    * Improved plug-in architecture; plug-ins can now be used also from
the command-line
    * Saxon plug-in for XSLT 2.0 processing
    * New serialization API; improved support for XML serialization in
    * Improved access to XProc extension attributes in steps and
extension application code
    * p:log supports different output styles: off, plain, wrapped
    * Fixed: Empty xmlns attributes (xmlns="") were being removed in
p:inline and in the serialized output
    * Fixed: The source/result/parameter ports of p:pipeline cannot be
    * Primary input ports with default bindings not bound to stdin by
default in the command-line interface
    * Fixed a NPE in the construction of namespace context for elements
with no attributes
    * Upgraded to ISO Schematron Candidate Release 2009-05-18
    * JARs renamed from xproc-*.jar to calumet-*.jar
    * The XProcConfiguration base URI is now applied to both the
pipeline and its input data
    * The calumet shell script now works also under Cygwin

See: https://community.emc.com/community/edn/xmltech
Download page: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-4242

Vojtech Toman
Principal Software Engineer
EMC Corporation / X-Hive

Aert van Nesstraat 45
3012 CA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Received on Friday, 14 August 2009 06:51:53 UTC