[closed] Re: Is the charset supported with unescape-markup?

"lists@chiborg.otherinbox.com" <lists@chiborg.otherinbox.com> writes:
> Hello, I've tried to use unescape-markup to clean up some ugly HTML
> code. I have Tagsoup installed and in my classpath. The step itself
> works fine except one detail: The non-ascii characters. The HTML
> file is windows-1252 encoded. I've tried to use the "charset"
> attribute, I've tried to do 'content-type="text/html;
> charset=windows-1252"', but nothing helped. Is the charset attribute
> working? Am I doing something wrong? I' using the newest calabash
> release with the following XProc:

I think this was an XML Calabash bug. I also think it's been resolved.
Please let me know if you disagree.

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