Entity Expansion

Where does it say in the specs that ENTITY elements are expanded in steps ?
I looked for the word ENTITY and ENTITIES in the specs and the only 
reference was in the http-request step.

For example: test


clearly expects entities to be resolved and expanded.

Thats certianly a useful, and possibly expected, feature, but I'd like to 
see it in the specs that its expected and/or required.

If its not explicit then an otherwise conforming implementation could fail 
this test.    Or for example, adding a p:identity earlier in the pipeline 
would cause the test to fail, which on the surface atleast seems 

I could even imagine cases where it would be useful to programatically 
specify entity expansion on a step by step basis ... although thats more on 
the lines of a 'feature request' then a 'spec clarification'

David A. Lee

Received on Saturday, 27 December 2008 13:24:43 UTC