Re: Calabash and http-request

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> --- Quoteth Norm
> I see where you're going, but I think the WG has consensus that the
> p:http-request step should be a fairly rich step. I also think there's
> a natural answer to the questions you pose: the step should be media
> type agnostic. So cookies are in, Java, ActiveX Controls, etc. are
> out.
> ----
> Would this then become a requirement ? or a vendor implementation
> decision ? Cookies are particularly problematic because to fully
> implement them requires state. That is they may have an expiration
> way into the future (1 year is not uncommon), so you'd need to keep
> a cookie cache around and also document the side effects.

That's a good point. The specific bug report that started this line
of exploration related to the fact that some sites rely on cookies
being passed across an HTTP redirect.

So I think we should require that the p:http-request step honor
cookies for the duration of one invocation. I would happily accept
making it implementation dependent if cookie state is maintained
across several different invokations within the same pipeline or
across completely separate pipeline invocations.

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