RE: Submitting test suite results to

> writes:
> > Great news! But the schemas still don't seem to be there 
> (nor .rnc nor
> > .rng)...
> Sorry, it's .../schema/..., not "schemas" plural.

If you have a test pipeline with multiple output ports, and the test
fails because the content on some of these ports does not match, the
schema for t:fail can't handle it. Currently, t:fail expects that there
is at most one output port. I think that wrapping t:actual and
t:expected in a t:output/@port element would solve this.

Also, the "title" element in the test report schema accepts only text,
but the "title" in the test suite schema accepts also a number of inline
elements. Perhaps the content models for the two "title" elements should
be harmonized?


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