Re: Calabash problem - primary port(s)

2008/12/7 James Fuller <>:
> checkout
> is a good example of p:output getting bound .... the logic especially
> starts making sense in multi branch xproc.

  <p:output port="result">
    <p:pipe step="validated" port="result"/>

That makes sense (to some extent)
For the overall pipleline, take the output from the result port of the
validated step.

No problem.

So, If I understand this...

p:input wrapper
   p:document tells it where to take input from

p:output wrapper
   p:document tells it where to get output from

Which written like that seems daft IMHO.

p:output wrapper
  p:document tells it where to put output

is a more logical user view IMHO.

In summary, for an atomic step
I can't say, within the pipeline, where to
get input from, and where to put output to?
I have to use defaults+the implementation params?

Is that roughly right Jim?


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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