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RE: non-deterministic simpleContent restriction definition

From: Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 10:36:19 -0000
To: "'Tobias Koenig'" <tobias.koenig@trolltech.com>, <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Message-ID: <857CEBFEBE0B489A8484FEA39893983C@Sealion>

> to validate the occurrence of xml tags for schema input the 
> most elegant way is to use a DFA according to the regular 
> expression given in the XML Representation Summary in the 
> schema spec for every component.

Yes. FYI: I actually compile the schema for schema documents, which creates
a DFA for every complex type; I output an XML serialization of the compiled
schema (which can be used for fast loading of schemas); and then I have an
XSLT stylesheet that generates Java code representing the DFA which gets
copied into the schema processor.

Of course this only works once you've got a working schema processor...

Michael Kay
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