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question about regex and schema

From: Andreas Peter <info@minimag.de>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 22:00:34 +0100
Message-ID: <20080229220034.3t4u7mkiggs08sws@ssl.lunabox.de>
To: xmlschema-dev@w3.org

Hello list users,

I have the following complexType:

     <xs:complexType name="speccharType">
         <xs:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
             <xs:element name="greek">
                     <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
                         <xs:enumeration value="\p{Greek}"/>

The aim should be to allow only greek characters inside an element  
with the speccharType. But when I am going to test it inside an  
instance document I only have the possibility to use the value  
"\p{Greek}" instead of greek characters. I think the regex is not  
suitable for my purpose. Unfortunately I am not very familiar with  
regex at the moment.

I hope my question is clear to the list users :-)

Thanks so much,
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