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Re: when to validate XML while being created programmatically..

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   Do you mean validate when you mean 'validate' or only check the well-formedness. Validate implies that there's a DTD or schema associated with the XML against which you are checking the XML. Since you are doing on-the-fly, it means that at instances your XML could be "not well-formed" and the snippet is not wrapped in a root element as required for XML to be well-formed. If needed, you can wrap your XML with a dummy end tag and validate it against the schema or DTD. 


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This is related to validating a brand new XML instance
WHILE being created programmatically:
 Do you generally perform validation at the very end
of completely creating an XML instance? If Yes, how
would you correct these validation errors
programmatically? It looks like a daunting task.


Does it even make sense to perform on-the-fly
validation while constructing a new XML instance? If
Yes, how would you tell the system when the instance
is even incrementally valid before turning ON the
validation. I can imagine there must be an API to
enable/disable on-the-fly validation during the
creation of XML instance. I might be wrong as it may
not make sense.


Does the application design needs to ensure that the
generated XML is always valid?


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