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XML Schema Unit Test (SUT)

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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 09:55:15 +1200
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Schema Unit Test (SUT) introduces a framework for testing XML Schema. It is
free, open source, and available at http://sut.sourceforge.net/.

This framework has two parts.

The first is a namespace and vocabulary for embedding test cases into
sample XML documents, designed to highlight what is legal and what is not
legal in the vocabulary defined in the schema under test. This aspect is
independent of what schema language is used and can in theory be applied to
any schema language with automatic validation tools.

The second part is a Java implementation using JUnit for testing a W3C
Schema with embedded Schematron schema. This implementation reads SUT test
suite descriptions written in XML with embedded test cases as described
above and then creates a JUnit test suite that can be executed inside JUnit
in the usual way. Although SUT is written to use JUnit, no specialise Java
or JUnit knowledge is required to run SUT test suites.

An example is provided based on the purchase order schema from the W3C

Gavin Kingsley.

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