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[announce] XMLSPY 5 Released

From: Larry E. Kim <larry@altova.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 19:24:33 -0400
Message-ID: <9C80CCD520150E48BCFA7716ABDEFED82C7797@teaparty.bos.altova.com>
To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>

[announce] Dear XML Schema-dev,

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Altova XML product
line, available immediately for free trial download at:
http://www.altova.com/download - The new product line consists of:
XMLSPY 5 - Builds on the previous XMLSPY version by adding XML Schema
driven Java/C++ code generation, XSLT debugging, WSDL editing, HTML
Importing, Tamino Integration, and much more.  The new features are
described in more detail below.
AUTHENTIC 5- A standards-based, browser enabled document editor,
allowing business users to seamlessly capture thoughts and ideas
directly in XML content for storage in any content management system,
database, or XML repository, for later retrieval or transformation,
unlocking corporate knowledge.

STYLEVISION 5 - The first XML tool for web developers to provide
powerful conversion utilities for painless migration of traditional HTML
websites to true XML-based sites, consisting of XSLT stylesheets, XML
Schema/DTD and XML content.
To learn more about the new Altova product line, please visit our
completely re-designed website at: http://www.altova.com

The following is a detailed summary of several key new features in the
new product line:

* XSLT Debugging
XMLSPY 5 now includes a built in XSLT processor and XSLT debugger!
Incrementally step through an XSLT transformation process with an
intuitive 3-panel interface displaying the input XML document (with
context node highlighted), the XSLT stylesheet (with current node
highlighted), and the output document as it is being built in real-time.
Set breakpoints on either the XSLT stylesheet or the XML input document;
inspect variables, check the call stack, analyze node-sets, and more! 

* HTML Importing
Convert any HTML page to a true XML-enabled site based on XSLT
stylesheets for presentation, an XML Schema (or DTD) defining the
content model, and the XML file containing the page content itself.
XMLSPY 5 has a new HTML Importer that enables any web designer to easily
perform HTML-to-XML migration through a visual drag-and-drop interface.
Separate the presentation and content of any HTML page with by
highlighting regions of an existing HTML file, then drag it across the
screen and place it in a page content model.  The resulting XML
Schema/DTD, XSLT stylesheet, and XML content files are all

* XML Schema Driven Code Generation
XMLSPY 5 Enterprise Edition supports generation of Java / C++ class
files based on XML Schemas to accelerate binding of XML Schema
components to your software application.   Additional language bindings
will be added in subsequent releases, including support for generating
Java files. The C++ generated output is uses MSXML 4.0 and includes a
Visual Studio 6.0 project file; the generated Java output is written
against the industry-standard Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP) and
includes a Sun Forte for Java project file and Apache Ant build script.
Additional code is implemented, such as functions which read/write XML
files into a Document Object Model (DOM) in-memory representation and
back to a file again, as well as XML validation and transformation.
Generated code is completely customizable via a flexible template
language which can be used to modify default templates or build new
templates to generate any output files, for example, SQL scripts or ASP

* WSDL Editing
A new Web Service Description Language (WSDL) editor allows you to edit,
visualize and validate any WSDL file.  WSDL is ideally suited as an
Interface Definition Language (IDL) for architecting Web service
applications.  By first building an interface, client and server
programmers can independently implement their respective programming
contract using any language or operating system, avoiding
interoperability problems. Also includes integration with XMLSPY's
schema editor for editing of data-types, and generation of Java or C++
class files based on schema data-types. Ideal for use in conjunction
with external tools that generate web service stubs from WSDL files.

* Support for Industry Templates
XMLSPY Enterprise Edition includes built-in templates for various
industry XML standards including DocBook, US Patent & Trademark Office
"RedBook", Information Text Format (NITF), News Markup Language
(NewsML), and many others - or, simply create any custom templates for
any XML content model using STYLEVISION 5.

* Enhancements for Authentic 5 Browser Edition
The AUTHENTIC 5 browser edition includes built-in spell-checking, entry
helpers, complete toolbar customization; now available as a Microsoft
ASP.NET or Microsoft Content Management Server control. A new AUTHENTIC
5 Forms Edition has also been released which allows web developers to
replace HTML forms with XML-based Authentic Forms, automatically
validating and capturing all form data into XML format for subsequent
posting and processing to a server.  The AUTHENTIC 5 Forms Edition is
available for free, and can be embedded into any web page to allow
editing of XML data directly within the Browser.

A free evaluation can be downloaded from: http://www.altova.com/download

Larry Kim
Received on Monday, 16 September 2002 19:24:34 UTC

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