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Re: Include Problem with IBM SQC

From: Henry S. Thompson <ht@cogsci.ed.ac.uk>
Date: 06 Sep 2002 13:50:54 +0100
To: "WATKIN-JONES,ADAM (HP-UnitedKingdom,ex1)" <adam_watkin-jones@hp.com>
Cc: "'Eric Jain'" <Eric.Jain@isb-sib.ch>, xmlschema-dev@w3.org
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"WATKIN-JONES,ADAM (HP-UnitedKingdom,ex1)" <adam_watkin-jones@hp.com> writes:

> Thanks Eric!
> I'll have a close look at the link.  I think I do have a variable content
> problem - each including file needs to define different content for, in my
> example, the root element.
> Indeed, TestCommon.xsd is invalid 'stand-alone'.  I have been looking at
> section 4.2.1 in XML Schema Part 1: Structures, where include is defined,
> and there is the following constraint:
> "1 If the ·actual value· of the schemaLocation [attribute] successfully
> resolves one of the following must be true:
> 1.1 It resolves to (a fragment of) a resource which is an XML document (of
> type application/xml or text/xml with an XML declaration for preference, but
> this is not required), which in turn corresponds to a <schema> element
> information item in a well-formed information set, which in turn corresponds
> to a valid schema. 
> 1.2 It resolves to a <schema> element information item in a well-formed
> information set, which in turn corresponds to a valid schema."
> So, my guess is that SQC is correct and MSXML and XSV are in error.
> Could anyone confirm which is correct?

I believe MSXML and XSV are correct and SQC is incorrect.
TestCommon.xsd is a valid schema document (i.e. it conforms to the
sForS and doesn't violate any of the XML Repr constraints) and
furthermore it corresponds to a valid schema (i.e. one which doesn't
violate any of the Component constraints).  There is no notion in the
REC of 'stand-alone' schema validity.

It is true that if you tried to validate an instance with just
TestCommon.xsd, you might run in to trouble, but that's a separate
question, which can _only_ be answered in the presence of an actual

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