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RE: Schema Validation

From: Mark Feblowitz <mfeblowitz@frictionless.com>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 11:36:12 -0400
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To: "'max.a.chappell@britishairways.com'" <max.a.chappell@britishairways.com>
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The design of OAGIS 8 sounds similar to yours, with multiple namespaces and
a separation of components from messages. We tested our schemas using Xerces
2.0.1, MSXML 4 SP1, and XSV 1.4, using Windows command line scripts for
each. You might want to consider downloading OAGIS
(www.openapplications.org) and looking at the Utilities/bin directory.

It makes sense to check your schemas frequently, both for internal
consistency and for the correctness of respective XML instances (which you
can generate manually or with the help of your IDE). On several occasions,
we found that schemas and xml instance files that looked ok in IDEs did not
parse using production validating parsers, usually due to uncaught errors in
derivation via restriction and unique particle derivation. Early detection
of such problems can save you from baking in schema design decisions that
turn out not to supportable at production time.


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From: 	max.a.chappell@britishairways.com
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I have developed an in-house architecture style for BA.
In short, we use multiple namespaces, and have two key types of schema :
Base Type schemas (in which only simple and / or complex types are defined)
and Message Level Schemas in which we declare which elements will be
present in a message - all of which are drawn from the base type schemas.

We are having problems with inconsistencies of different parsers and
validation tools.
I have a set of Schemas that need validating and see that on the W3C page
for testing schemas, I can only upload one schema. Is it possible to submit
these schema by email ? There are some inter-dependencies between the
schema, so they need to be validated as one.

Failing that, does anybody know of any validation tools that have fully
implemented the last recommendations ?




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