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Re: what namespace for unqualified locals?

From: Neil Bradley <neil.bradley@rubus.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 06:29:14 -0400 (EDT)
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Sorry to re-raise this thread after all this time, but it touches on a
number of related topics I currently have no answer to.

First, I agree that unqualified elements are similar to unqualified
attributes. In the XML Namespaces standard, this puts them in a the
Per-Element-Type partition of a namespace, where each global elements gets
its own space for locally defined attributes, thus ensuring uniqueness
within each space. But surely this applies to qualified local elements too.
They cannot be considered the same as the globally defined elements in the
All Element Types partitions, because this set of names must be unique. And
they still cannot be directly referenced from an instance document, unless
they are embedded in a globally defined element. What's the difference?

Second, the concept of unqualified local elements, when they appear in a
document instance, seems to conflict with the statement in the XML
Namespaces standard that "a default namespace is considered to apply to the
element where it is declared (if that element has no namespace prefix), and
that the schema standard overrides this, by stating that it only applies if
the schema allows elements from outside of its target namespace to occur
within the content of the parent element. And what is supposed to happen if
a default namespace is in effect, and defined the <X> element, and there is
also an <X> element defined locally - which does it assume if the Any
element is used to allow both namespaces?



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