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import validation rules

From: zze-MARCHEGAY Michael stagiaire FTRD/DTL/LAN <michael.marchegay@rd.francetelecom.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 18:07:54 +0200
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To: <xmlschema-dev@w3c.org>

Hi all,

I do not understand a part of the Recommendation, can you help me to get what it means?

4.2.3 References to schema components across namespaces

Schema Representation Constraint: Import Constraints and Semantics 

In addition to the conditions imposed on <import> element information items by the schema for schemas all of the following must be true:
1 The appropriate case among the following must be true:
1.1 If the namespace [attribute] is present, then its ∑actual value∑ must not match the ∑actual value∑ of the enclosing <schema>'s targetNamespace [attribute].
1.2 If the namespace [attribute] is not present, then the enclosing <schema> must have a targetNamespace [attribute] 

In either case call the <schema> item SII and the valid schema I.
3 The appropriate case among the following must be true:
3.1 If there is a namespace [attribute], then its ∑actual value∑ must be identical to the ∑actual value∑ of the targetNamespace [attribute] of SII.
3.2 If there is no namespace [attribute], then SII must have no targetNamespace [attribute] 

I think that clauses 1.2 and 3.2 are contradictory, aren't they?
I'm maybe having an English problem...

Thanks for your help.

MichaŽl Marchegay, Stagiaire France Telecom R&D du 11/02/2002 au 26/07/2002
Sous la responsabilitť d'Olivier Dubuisson
DTL/TAL - 22307 Lannion Cedex - France
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