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Adding tags to xsd:documentation

From: Danny Vint <dvint@acord.org>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 20:06:29 -0400 (EDT)
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To: xmlschema-dev@w3c.org, msv-interest@yahoogroups.com
Cc: dvint@acord.org

I'm working with several schema parsers:
	- XML Spy
	- MSV
	- Xerces Java 2

For some time now I have been using my own markup (combination of unique 
elements and typical HTML tags) in the appinfo and documentation elements 
within a schema I support. XML Spy doesn't report any problems with the 
added elements.

MSV gives me an error/warning about attributes that appear on some of the 
elements that I have added, but not the elements.

unexpected attribute "adoc:ref"
unexpected attribute "xml:space"

Xerces gives me similar errors.

[Error] acord-pc-v1.1.0-fulldoc-nocodes-draft-6-5.xsd:3452:68: 
s4s-elt-must-match: The content of 'group (local)' must match (annotation?).
[Error] acord-pc-v1.1.0-fulldoc-nocodes-draft-6-5.xsd:3499:68: 
s4s-elt-must-match: The content of 'group (local)' must match (annotation?).

In the case of Xerces it seems to limit its error reporting to the use of 
the annotation tag within a reference to a group, all other uses of the 
same construct in element and data type definitions seem to pass.

After looking at this problem for some time now I think it is sort of 
related to my extra elements in the documentation areas, but it also looks 
like there are some other problems with these parsers.

First for a Schema spec standpoint, should the following be allowed:

             <p>This aggregate is used to send requested coverage and 
insured values as part of a Commercial Property Schedule submission.</p>
             <tagtitle>Commercial Schedule Insured Value Aggregate</tagtitle>

If so what sorts of import and redefine statements do I need to use?

I saw a post from Jenni (Jan 14, 2002) that talked about using the 
schema-for-schema for something like this. She indicated that it was setup 
with lax validation - If I want the best and strict validation am I going 
to have to modify the schema-for-schema to accomplish this?

I would really like to just create my annotation definitions and a second 
file that would import the annotations and the schema spec and just 
redefine the appinfo and documentation elements to include my elements. 
Will this be a configuration that other tools will understand?

Danny Vint
ACORD                         1 Blue Hill Plaza
                                 PO Box 1529
dvint@acord.org                 Pearl River, NY 10965

FAX: 801-749-3229
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