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RE: content of <appinfo>

From: David E. Cleary <davec@progress.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 16:41:37 -0500
To: "Vincent Buonomano" <vincent@correionet.com.br>, <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
> Hello,
> 	My problem is that I wanted to use markup for parsing convenience in
> the appinfo element to pass some information to an application.  For
> example:
> <element name="someField" type="string">
> 	<annotation><appinfo>
> 		<tableName>nameOfATable</tableName>
> 	</appinfo></annotation>
> </element>
> I was assuming that a schema validator wouldn't process the contents of
> appinfo.
> XMLSpy flags tableName as undefined.  I am confused as to exactly what
> the specifications say.

<appinfo> is set to lax processing, which means it should be validated only
if a schema is available. I would send a bug report to XMLSpy.

BTW, I did a presentation on this stuff at XML2000. You can download the
presentation and samples at

David Cleary
Progress Software
Received on Tuesday, 2 January 2001 16:43:33 UTC

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