Re: Alpha-version of web interface to schema upgrade transform, corrected

"Jeff Rafter" <> writes:

> Maybe I am not doing this correctly, but I am getting the following error,
> In vanilla IE 5.5:
> Attribute 'xmlns:xsd' must be a #FIXED attribute. Line 5, Position 28
>   xmlns:xsd CDATA #IMPLIED>
> The document I tried had no target namespace.  It can be found at
> If I am way off and doing
> something wrong, I apologize, but the document did validate under the old
> XSV.

Sigh.  My 5.5 has the new MSXML3.DLL installed, which fixes this old
IE bug.  I'll try to produce a workaround, or provide a switch to turn 
off the DOCTYPE altogether.

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