Re: Issue #176 closed

I believe your note accurately reflects the decision reached by the 
workgroup, and I hereby confirm my willingness to have the issue closed 
based on the resolution that you propose.

However, I would like the workgroup to take note of a couple of lingering 
concerns, so that we may be alert to their consequences moving forward.

1) Some of the proposed text prefers explicitly to the "DTDNotSupported" 
fault.  I believe that resolution of issue 191 will result in such 
references being removed.

2) Although I am not trying to reopen a compromise decision to which we 
have agreed, I would like to signal again my concern about the rewriting 
of role attributes and mustUnderstand attributes.  While there are good 
performance reasons for allowing such rewrites, I fear that they will 
significantly complicate the implementation of certain sorts of digital 

Again, in spite of these concerns, I'm willing to have the issue closed as 
you suggest.  Thank you very much.

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"Henrik Frystyk Nielsen" <>
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03/22/2002 11:55 AM

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        Subject:        Issue #176 closed


As the creator of issue 176 [1] against the SOAP 1.2 specification, I
can inform you that the XML Protocol WG [0] has decided to close the
issue with the resolution described below. If this is not acceptable to
you then please respond to this mail with a detailed description of your
concerns and preferably what you see not being addressed as part of the


The text outlined in [2] was adopted as the resolution text to the issue
with proposed modifications by yourself [3] and taking into account the
accepted resolution to issue 137 [4]. It should be noted that the mail
proposed resolution went through considerable discussion [5] and was
discussed at the Feb 2002 WG f2f (to be posted).

At the f2f, the WG instructed the editors to exercise some amount of
editorial discretion in order to avoid duplication or requirements and
description of the SOAP message construct in general. 

Thank you,

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen


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