Issue 40 Resolution

The XML Protocol Working Group closes issue #40 [1] with the following text
which is to be inserted into the SOAP 1.2 specification:

"The ability to use SOAP in a particular environment will vary by the
constraints, choice of tools, processing model, and nature of the
messages being exchanged.

The XML encoding of SOAP has dependencies on a minimum number of other
specifications (XML Base, XML Schema Datatypes, XML 1.0, and XML
Namespaces), none of which has prohibitive processing requirements.
SOAP 1.2 also excludes some of XML 1.0's features, which could help
lower processing requirements -- see the "Relation to XML section of
Part 1, the Messaging Framework.

Also, limiting use of SOAP to small messages instead of
arbitrarily-sized messages and using a few specific message types
instead of implementing generalized SOAP encoding could significantly
lower processing requirements."

David C. Fallside, IBM
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Received on Wednesday, 9 January 2002 18:50:34 UTC