Proposed resolution of issue 174

On today's conference call, the WG proposed a resolution of issue 174. The 
proposed resolution is to adopt language based on the following text from 
my email [2]:

Text from Email:
""attributes in the SOAP envelope
described by "Part 1: Framework" are are of types from XML Schema:
Datatypes (e.g. mustUnderstand is a boolean).  Unless otherwise stated, 
lexical forms are supported for each such attribute, and lexical forms
representing the same value in the XML Schema value space are considered
equivalent for purposes of SOAP processing.  Thus, the boolean lexical
forms "1" and "true" [ref to boolean datatype in the schema spec] are
interchangeable.  For brevity, text in this specification refers only to
one lexical form for each value (e.g. "if the value of mustUnderstand is
"true").  Unless otherwise stated, such references implicitly cover all
forms corresponding to the same value in the value space.  However, when a
header block is relayed by an intermediary [see section 2.6], the lexical
form of any attributes within that block MUST be preserved."

The proposed resolution is to eliminate the last sentence from the text 
above, and to provide the rest as input to the editorial team. 
Additionally, we will open a new issue (see [3]) covering the broader 
question of what can change when a header is relayed by an intermediary. 
In resolving that issue, we should settle the specific question of whether 
the lexical representation of an attribute value may be changed.


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