Issue 140 Closed

The XML Protocol Working Group has discussed Issue 140 [1], requesting that
the SOAP spec include discussion of the basis on which a SOAP Node
determines that it plays role of default/anon actor with resect to a given
received message.

This issue has be resolved with the proposal [2] to include the following
text SOAP 1.2, Part 1, Section 2 (probably 2.2): 

"Except for next, and none, etc. this specification does not prescribe the 
criteria by which a given node determines the (possible empty) set of 
roles in which it acts on a given message.  For example, implementations 
can base this determination on factors including, but not limited to: 
hardcoded choices in the implementation, information provided by the 
transport binding (e.g. the URI to which the message was physically 
delivered), configuration information made by users during system 
installation, etc. " 

Some editorial discretion will be applied to inclusion of this wording.


Stuart Williams (originator of Issue 140)
For XML Protocol WG.


Received on Monday, 15 October 2001 07:53:48 UTC