Resolution of Issue 32: XMLP suitability for operation across org anisational boundaries

During the XMLP Working Group Telcon on 21-Nov-2001, the XMLP WG agreed that
issue 32 [3] is resolved as follows:

"The XML Protocol requirements document [1] contains several design
scenarios that are relevant to operation across organisational boundaries:

  S6 Encrypted Payload, 
  S7 Third party (business) intermediary,
  S8 Conversational message exchange,
  S10 Message header and payload encryption,
  S11 Communication via multiple intermediaries (inc non repudiation of
message route),
  S19 Sending non-XML data,
  S20 Multiple asynchronous responses.

Many of these design scenarios arise through liason with the ebXML

Work currently in progress [2] illustrates how each of these scenarios may
be realised using SOAP 1.2 and therefore demonstrate the suitability of
SOAP 1.2 for use across organisational boundaries."



Stuart Williams

Received on Thursday, 22 November 2001 18:57:06 UTC