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Re: A new proposal (was: Re: which layer for URI processing?)

From: Paul W. Abrahams <abrahams@valinet.com>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 18:49:44 -0400
Message-ID: <392DAE08.2B3D64CA@valinet.com>
To: "Clark C. Evans" <cce@clarkevans.com>
CC: xml-uri@w3.org
"Clark C. Evans" wrote:

> On Thu, 25 May 2000, Ray Whitmer wrote:
> > The intent of a system filename is not identity.
> I think this is the crux of the problem.  The focus of
> a URI, specifically the URL sub-type is for *locating*
> a particular resouce -- not for *uniquely identifying* it.

Right on!  You have it exactly right.

> The use of URI in the namespace should just be removed
> completely... is it too late to do this?  If so, why?

It would be useful to think about what the namespace name
should be as well as what it should not be.

Paul Abrahams
Received on Thursday, 25 May 2000 18:49:52 UTC

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