What's [in] a resource?

At 05:31 PM 2000-05-23 +0100, Miles Sabin wrote:
>John Cowan wrote
>> Miles Sabin wrote:
>> > That just doesn't wash because resources are made of bits,
>> > which live in filesystems or memory, or get generated by
>> > processes running on distinctly non-abstract boxes full 
>> > chips and stuff; and they're retrievable because bunches of 
>> > bits can be transferred over wires.
>> Nope, it's *entity bodies* that are made of bits (actually, a 
>> pile of octets plus a MIME media type).
>I disagree.
>You're missing a (subtle I grant you) contrast. A resource is
>_made_of_bits_, an entity body _is_ bits.

Sorry, that is just wrong.  A resource may be represented by a diad of a
collection of bits and a collection of abstract forms.  But generally not
just by bits.  There have to be formal connotations bound to the bits or
you haven't represented the resource.


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