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Re: Name services was: Persistent caches - was: ...

From: Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 09:24:47 -0400
Message-ID: <003301bfc3f1$3606c050$2a7b0a0a@ridge.w3.org>
To: "Julian Reschke" <reschke@medicaldataservice.de>, <xml-uri@w3.org>

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From: Julian Reschke <reschke@medicaldataservice.de>
To: xml-uri@w3.org <xml-uri@w3.org>
Date: Monday, May 22, 2000 6:40 AM
Subject: Re: Name services was: Persistent caches - was: ...

>Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
>> Here is a solution to the $50 problem.  There is a set of top level
>> which use common era years. Within the .com.2000 domain you can only
>> register
>> a subdomain within the year 2000. There is a one-time fee. From then on
>> domain
>> is yours. Noone can take it away from you.
>Sounds very good.
>Alas: which entity is actually going to offer a service like that for a
>one-time fee?

A notary?  It is a form of notarization maybe.

"I, Notary Technical, authorized as a Responsible Person, do hereby with
this digital seal attest that I have this day been presented with documents
indicating that the above entity exists as a social entity in the state of
_France_ and meets the requirements of http://peristence.org.2000/art54
including that the entity holds no other Persistent Domain. The entity has
before me this day made the commitment of non-reuse and grant of Persistent
Archive licence. Given that the entity
demonstrates ownership of public key
_"rsa:1024/uwdiuhewqiudhwehdwqieg[...]uewfhfw"_ and  demands the name
_"yetmorehotchocoloate.fr.2000"_ for which banns* have been called on the
conventional newsgroups for 30 days during which no prior conflicting banns
have been received,  is hereby granted that name.  50 Euro please!"



*banns as in marriage - decentralized request confirmation of uniqueness
Received on Monday, 22 May 2000 09:23:46 UTC

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