NS 1.1 ??? (was RE: Use cases)


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Date: Friday, May 19, 2000 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: Use cases

>>What is it that is said to have the bug?

> That relative URIs were not dereferenced before comparison in NS 1.0.
> This has been fixed in NS 1.1 and software is being distributed to fix >
this. This will only affect those who have been using strings which are
> syuntactically relative URIs but which have been treated as being 
> absolute.

NS (== "namespace spec" ??) 1.1? 

"Has been fixed" (past tense)? 

I must be seriously missing something. There is no Namespace 1.1 spec that
"fixes" the problem we're discussing.  At least no mention on the W3C Web
site!  Who's distributing what software?  What "NS" are we talking about

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