Re: Defaule base URI for files

There isn't much choice. If you are processing a file
then you should use file://$hostname/$pwd/$file
or if there is no filename (you are a pipe) then file://hostname/$pwd
and if you don't know your hostname you can leave it out
but of course you have to beware that the URIs you make in this way should
never go off the machine because they will of course like any filename
be confused with the same file on a different machine. This may of course
be what you want - on OSs which have conventional places to find particular
like file:///etc/hosts.  But it is of course not generally recommended.

Don't use ftp: -- you are mapping a filename, and that is what file: means.


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Date: Saturday, May 20, 2000 11:17 AM
Subject: RE: Defaule base URI for files

>It does seem to me that the primary hurdle now
>is defining a 'reasonable' "default" base URI
>for relative references.. or simply forbidding
>relative references until <xml:base> comes along.
>This suggestion below sounds interesting; any
>down sides?
>On Sat, 20 May 2000, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>> But suppose we define the default base URI of
>> any XML document as the namespace of the root
>> element, and the default base URI of an element
>> as its namespace. In this case composition of
>> relative URIs works just fine and depends only
>> on the contents, not the location of, a document.
>I suppose then it would be forbidden for the
>root element to have a relative reference then?

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