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At 02:52 AM 5/19/00 -0500, Dan Connolly wrote:
>Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>> No, actually, calling namespaces pointing at schemas a best practice is an
>> invitation to mudslinging on XML-Dev.
>Er... I don't mean to sling any mud. I presumed I was invited to join
>this discussion by Tim Bray when he cc:'d me on the message
>that started this thread. I attempt to monitor xml-dev at least
>occasionally, but I haven't read all of it, and I'd appreciate
>a pointer to the earlier discussions you mention where best practices
>for XML Namespaces were agreed.

XML-Dev isn't a formal organization that 'agrees on best practices' in any
kind of official way.  However, I'll list some pointers that reflect this
rough bloody consensus and then some pointers to the original XML-Dev
discussions, insofar as I can find them.

Reflections: - Megginson

Namespace Myths Exploded - Ron Bourret (1 and 8 in particular)

XML Namespaces - James Clark (leaves more of an out for schemas)

Three namespaces for XHTML?  (All over the map, but it's pretty clear where
sides are drawn)
September 1999 -

June 1999 - 
Battles over the role of URIs (URLs in particular) in namespaces
Web architectures:
"Namespaces are Dead"

March 1999 -
Namespaces and DTDs
Ambiguous re RDF Schemas

February 1999 - 
Layman on J Clark:
Tim Bray on using namespaces in code:
Throughout the month:

The classic 'Cheetos' post, though not quite relevant:

Okay, time for coffee.  I'm fully aware that these may not be a unified
coherent argument, but history is rarely unified or coherent.

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