Re: More inter samples

On Thursday 14 March 2002 13:16, merlin wrote:
> I would change the parenthesis to:
>   (Including the plaintext decryption key, whether a private key or
>   a secret key, is obviously NOT RECOMMENDED.)


> X/Y/Z can't really be expressed for a general environment. It might be
> possible to say that performance should be, broadly speaking, linear in
> document size (taking into consideration cache and memory constraints),
> and within a reasonable constant of performing the relevant operation
> (e.g., XML parsing) on the plaintext data.

Yes... well I suppose I'll leave it there and implementors can be abstract, 
"Yes, I find the specification capable of being use to create an 
implementation with satisfactory performance..." But any more specificity I 
can get, I welcome.

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