Re: Why is Except limited to local fragments?

>On Friday 01 March 2002 03:54, Takeshi Imamura wrote:
>> Thanks, Joseph.  It looks good, but a parenthesis is missing after
>> "[XML-Signature, Section])".
>Ok, fixed.
>> As to IDREF vs. non-empty same-document URI reference, IDREF would be
>> sufficient for most cases, but we should not preclude a case where an
>> XPointer is used because one may use it.  Note, we should specify all
>> support for XPointers except barename XPointer and "#xpointer(id('ID'))"
>> as OPTIONAL, like XML-Signature.

We may need a fragment of text to further clarify XPointer support
when it is applied to a different document from the signature.
In such a case, here() is an error and the XPointer initial context
is the root of the new document? We don't have this problem with
XPointers in dsig because they always refer to the same document.

On a separate note, should we profile the decryption transform to
allow non-XML content (output is an octet stream)? I have a customer
who wants to be able to have a signature over encrypted binary data;
our current answer is to use a signature with no URI, the data
implicitly being the decryption result. They want:

<enc:EncryptedData Id="id" MimeType="text/plain">
  <ds:Reference URI="#id">
      <ds:Transform Algorithm="&decrypt-transform;" />
      <!-- result is the decrypted text -->


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