Re: Nonce in EncryptedData or CipherData

On Wednesday 02 January 2002 08:51, Christian Geuer-Pollmann wrote:
> in [1], section "3.3 The EncryptedData Element" tells me the existence of
> the Nonce attribute being child of the EncryptedData element:
>   xenc:EncryptedData/@Nonce

This is correct, section 4.1 is now fixed in new revision: 1.94 .

> And to make this all a little more obfuscated, we even have an xenc:Nonce
> ELEMENT as child of the xenc:AgreementMethod element. I would suggest to
> give this element babe another name like xenc:DHNonce because an
> attribute and an element with the same name doesn't look very clear.

Good suggestion. I've tweaked it to KA-Nonce since it was easier to read 
than AMNonce but if others don't like this we can still change it.

I also added Agreement method schema definition to the schema since it 
wasn't in there before.


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