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Re: Decryption transform interop samples

From: Takeshi Imamura <IMAMU@jp.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:02:22 +0900
To: merlin@baltimore.ie
Cc: xml-encryption@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF7D0C7ED2.AEAFB200-ON49256C21.002D02B8@LocalDomain>


I'm sorry to be late, but I just implemented the latest spec and tried your
samples below.  Though I didn't try the ones using XPointer because I
didn't support it, I succeeded in the others.


Could you change the interop report as follows?  Thanks in advance.

Decryption Transform for XML Signature          Y3
XML Mode                            Y3
Binary Mode                         Y3
XPointer support in Except URI (not in tests)   N

Tokyo Research Laboratory
IBM Research

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The remaining decryption transform issues shouldn't have much
effect on interop, so attached are some (hopefully functional)
interop samples to kick things off.

Joseph, I've also been asked if you could add
to your list of dsig/enc/... implementations/interop links.


See the Readme.txt for details on the interop samples; this
is a quick list. They're all basic AES-128, DSA and SHA-1.

. decrypt-xml.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform

. decrypt-xml-except.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with exception

. decrypt-xml-except-external.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with exception in external document

. decrypt-xml-except-xpointer.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with XPointer exception (non-mandatory)

. decrypt-xml-except-unresolvable-xpointer.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with irrelevant but unresolvable exception

. decrypt-xml-super.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform over super-encrypted data

. decrypt-xml-super-except.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with exception in super-encrypted data

. decrypt-xml-empty-xmlns.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform demonstrating apex xmlns="" output

. decrypt-xml-inherit-attr.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform demonstrating xml attribute inheritance

. decrypt-xml-super-inherit-attr.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform demonstrating xml attribute inheritance
  in super-encrypted data

. decrypt-xml-xpath.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with XPath filter instead of exception

. decrypt-xml-none.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with no encrypted data

. decrypt-xml-undecryptable.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with undecryptable data; should fail

. decrypt-xml-bad-type.xml
  XML-mode decryption transform with an unknown type; should fail

. decrypt-binary.xml
  Binary-mode decryption transform

. decrypt-binary-except.xml
  Binary-mode decryption transform with exception

. decrypt-binary-multiple.xml
  Binary-mode decryption transform with multiple encrypted data

. decrypt-binary-none.xml
  Binary-mode decryption transform with no encrypted data

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