4 Dec 2001 updated Section 5

Attached is a further updated section 5.  Changes are:

(1) While the algorithm table was correct, sections 5.2.2 and 5.6.3 
incorreclty listed AES-192 as REQUIRED and AES-256 as OPTIONAL. It's the 
other way around.

(2) The Key Transport description of the optional use of a key transport 
algorithm for data encryption was a bit confused so I fixed it up.

(3) There were still some "168" key sizes from 3DES lurking in 5.4.1 & 
5.4.2 which I changes to 192.

(4) Addition of note re on/off line key agreement.

(5) Reordering of the concatenation feed to the specified Digest 
Algorithm to producing keying material from an agreed secret quantity in 
Sedtion 5.5.

Plus some miscellaneous line wrapping and trivial tweaks.


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