Re: Towards secure XML (sXML)

> Re: Towards secure XML (sXML)
> From: Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (
> Date: Fri, Oct 27 2000
> Thank you for forwarding your note [1]. The introduction of the term
> "secure-XML" (of which XML Encryption is but a single piece among others) is
> one way to approach the larger problem; a few comments/questions follow:

If security comprises of the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity,
Availability) factors, then encryption indeed is a single piece. The
refereed note, however, addresses more than encryption.   

I think it would be nice for outsiders to know that W3C is working on
sXML (secure XML). This also implies that security is designed into
XML and not added as an afterthought. 

To identify the various aspects covered by related W3C working
groups/standards, a same approach as with XSL (i.e. XSL-T) could be
used, i.e. sXML-dsig, sXML-enc.


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