R: R: proposed approach to XML encryption

Looking at the agenda of the encryption workshop I feel confirmed in
the opinion that there is quite a lot of interaction between XML access
control and encryption requirements..
Unfortunately, it seems to be a bit late for us to start planning to attend
the workshop ( just to listen :-) ).. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to
reading the papers ..

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> At 10:36 10/21/2000 +0200, Ernesto Damiani wrote:
> >As a comment to recent postings, I just wanted to say that our approach
> >currently allows for specifying fine-grained access control BOTH at the
> >AND at the single document level.
> Hi Ernesto, thank you for correcting me! As you probably noted from my
> parenthetical comments, I felt I was on shaky ground in describing these
> efforts.
> >  There are several points in common with
> >the XACL proposal, and we are meeting with Michiharu Kudo (IBM Tokyo
> >research labs) on October 30th in order to put together a common draft,
> >will be posted to the list
> Cool!
> >(perhaps this topic could be discussed at the encryption workshop
> >as well?)
> It's only in scope in as far as it provide requirements on Encryption
> (whichs some of the present discussion does, and some of it doesn't!
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