Getting Ready for Workshop (and alpha-Requirements Doc)

I'd like the substantive content of the Workshop to be based on the 
following three things:
1. The various proposals (and their convernce?). Regardless, perhaps I hope 
there will be new versions prior to the Workshop.
2. Scenarious/experiments. On a number of issues (exactly how much key 
structure do we have to get into, how much can we punt; parser impacts; 
state management, etc.) I personally lack understanding and context, so 
scenarios would certainly help me out. Also, if people have the ability to 
tool about on some of the issues being discussed and report their 
experience, that'd be great.
3. Requirements. I've through together a rough alpha of a Requirements 
Document [attached]. (See its status for lots of disclaimers about how it 
has absolutely no standing and probably has some non-senical ramblings). 
What I would like is that people request a requirement be added, clarified, 
deleted/opposed (with an alternative one) with a motivation. I'll add that 
to the document. Than at the meeting we can run through it and consider 
those in opposition.

If people have any other thoughts on the organization of the workshop, 
please let me know!
Joseph Reagle Jr.
W3C Policy Analyst      
IETF/W3C XML-Signature Co-Chair

Received on Friday, 6 October 2000 20:34:12 UTC