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error in XML 1.0 Rec ???

From: Alain Michard <Alain.Michard@inria.fr>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 23:03:33 +0100
Message-Id: <l03102801b1bdbb0758e7@[]>
To: xml-editor@w3.org
Cc: wilf@intravenous.com
Dear Editor,
I may be wrong... but my understanding is that in the XML recommandation,
production rule 51 should be written:

Mixed	::= 	'(' S? '#PCDATA' (S? '|' S? Name)+ S? ')*'
		| '(' S? '#PCDATA' S? ')'

Current production 51 (with a star instead of a plus) is ambiguous because
its first line can mean that (#PCDATA)* is a valid mixed-content.
The second line just says that (#PCDATA) is ALSO a valid one.

My understanding is that (#PCDATA)* should not be well-formed: it does not
make a lot a sense, is n't it?

I've noted that some well known parsers reject such declaration. Should
they accept it or should the Rec be corrected?

Alain Michard
Received on Monday, 29 June 1998 17:03:24 UTC

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