Re: Binding framework & XML Version / Infoset

Yves Lafon writes:

> We agreed on the teleconference that this case would be
> covered by the "Unsupported media type" error in our
> current HTTP binding, which make sense, as the
> processing was not able to complete because of a wrong
> media type received.  Of course it is not a generic
> fault, but it can be generalized to all
> binding-specific fault that indicate invalid or
> unrecognizable content received.

This seems like a good solution at the receiver, but the question I was 
raising related to a sender.  What do you do if:

a) You are an original sender at a node that is in general XML 1.1 
capable, but the particular link you are using employs the traditional 
SOAP/HTTP binding.  The application prepares an infoset that is perfectly 
legal SOAP, but you can't send it.  As far as we know, we have no error 
for failure to prepare a media type when sending, only for failure to 
accept one upon receipt.

b) You are an intermediary and the inbound message used 1.1 constructs. 
Again, it's your outbound link that can't handle the content. 

These cases are very similar, and I expect the answers to the two will be 
more or less the same.  Unless I'm missing something, neither is covered 
by the existing error which is reflected by receivers.  Thank you.

Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
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Received on Saturday, 24 April 2004 15:45:11 UTC