Re: generic MTOM proposal

I think this is excellent as a sort of detailed sketch of where we might 
go, but in addition to the obvious TBDs, I think there is a fair amount of 
refinement needed in the presentation.  Among the areas that seem to need 
attention, and in no particular order:

* A lot of the intro and context-setting from MTOM is missing, at least 
for now.  For example, it doesn't state clearly that typing information is 
not preserved, and that the full DM is not transmitted.

* There seems to be a mixture of DM and Infoset terminology.

* I think that to have a full proposal, we will need to do a corresponding 
rewrite of MTOM, referring to Miffy where appropriate.  I think parts of 
MTOM are still needed to describe the relationship to SOAP processing, 
possible new HTTP binding, etc.  I also think there would be an 
opportunity to lift some of the pertinent text from MTOM and adapt it to 
Miffy, as I think that in some cases MTOM states more carefully what is 
going on with the optimizations (or if not, we should fix it.)

I completely understand why Mark didn't tackle these things in a first 
pass, and I think he's given us an excellent start.  For the record, I'm 
OK with the general Miffy direction, at least as something to explore, if 
that's the will of the group, or I can easily live with a SOAP-only 
solution for now.  I am a bit concerned about how we balance 
investigations of Miffy with David's suggestion of MTOM last call coming 
out of the F2F.  I think that getting some of the MTOM details to last 
call state will be a bit tight even without Miffy, though we can probably 
do it with some effort (also on my to do list is to try to respond to 
David's call for outstanding issues.)  I don't see how we can do a proper 
Miffy refactoring to Last Call quality by the F2F.  Even if we could, 
there would be something to be said for gathering comments informally for 
a week or two, to at least get a sense that we have met the concerns of 
those who wanted a more general optimization scheme usable outside of 

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