Strawman proposal for Representation header

I took an action item to write up a strawman proposal for metadata and
the Representation header. Here it is:

1.	For each MIME header create an attribute information item in the
[attributes] of the Representation element information item 

2.	Set the [local name] of the AII to the name of the MIME header 

3.	Set the [namespace name] of the AII to (actual URI TBD). 

4. 	Set the [normalized value] of the attribute is the value of the
MIME header.

Note that this is just a strawman to start discussion. 

My own take is that this approach is actually the reverse of what we
actually want. I suggest that we actually start by deciding what
metadata we care about in two cases:

a. On a Representation element information item

b. On an arbitrary element information item whose content is in
canonical base64

and then define a mapping from that metadata to the appropriate MIME

Part of my action was to attempt a classification of MIME headers into
two 'buckets' along the lines of a and b above. I have not had time to
do this. Apologies.

Let discussion ensue!


Received on Friday, 7 November 2003 12:52:45 UTC