RE: Issue: Table 17 (Spec part 2, discrepancies

>True, but the description for 500 already says "Indicates that the 
>response message contained in the following HTTP response entity body 
>may contain a SOAP fault." Note the "may". Why bother to change the 
>entry for 400 when the 500 entry already does what we want ?

I think it was in order to get a better mapping between SOAP and HTTP
faults, no?

>If we change the entry for 400, do we also need to do so for 
>any of the 
>other entries in table 17 ? All of them ?

Hmm, I think it would only apply to 400 and 500 codes as these are the
only ones used in the mapping (IIRC).


Received on Tuesday, 17 September 2002 20:47:55 UTC