RE: Issue: Table 17 (Spec part 2, discrepancies

>An alternative proposal is to change table 23 such that env:Sender is  
>mapped to a HTTP 500 status code. This would then map cleanly 
>with the  
>existing table 17. This would have the added advantage of allowing us  
>to remove table 23 since env:Sender is the only fault not currently  
>mapped to a 500 status code.

Hmm, I think we have the same problem regardless of the HTTP status
code. It may not be too bad to do what Herve suggests, maybe expressing
it in terms of SOAP messages rather than the content type:

* * * * * 

A 400 Bad Request indicates that the message exchange completed

	Instantiated Property		Value
	context:FailureReason 		"fail:BadRequest"

If a SOAP message is included in the HTTP response then the next state
is "Sending+Receiving", otherwise it is "Fail".

* * * * *

Similarly we can say the same for 500 style responses.


Received on Monday, 16 September 2002 22:20:09 UTC