Re: [AF] relative URIs for attachments

>> I haven't found the documents I should be looking at to
>> get the right context for evaluating this proposal.

The attachment proposal WD at [1] is linked from the public wg page. 

>> Could you elaborate on how the binding allows or
>> disallows use of relative URIs?  How does this
>> interoperate with XML Base?  It seems to me that if you
>> refer to a part from within a message, xml base kicks
>> in, and there is no problem unless there was no
>> declaration of the base in the message.  Or does the
>> above language permit bindings to ignore XML base?

Briefly: the binding decides how to actually package
and/or move the attachments.  Could be
SOAP+Attachments, could be DIME, could be something
else.  It's up to the binding.  Since it knows where
the attachments (formally called parts) are, it knows
how to name them.  For example, I believe
SOAP+Attachments [2]uses the CID: scheme, so a binding
to S+A would reference that.

The XML Base recommendation [3] provides that:

"RFC 2396 [IETF RFC 2396] provides for base URI
information to be embedded within a document. The rules
for determining the base URI can be summarized as
follows (highest priority to lowest):

1. The base URI is embedded in the document's content.

2. The base URI is that of the encapsulating entity
  (message, document, or none).

3. The base URI is the URI used to retrieve the entity.

4. The base URI is defined by the context of the application.

Since the binding is what creates the encapsulating
entity (the message with the parts), it has the
opportunity to establish the base URI for that
encapsulation.  So, the binding MAY establish a base;
if it does, then relative URI's are supported.  Whether
the binding allows base URIs to be embedded in the
encapsulation is up to the binding; I don't believe
that DIME, for example, does.

>> Ray

Hope this helps.



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