FW: Two new Internet drafts: DIME and WS-Attachments

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Two internet drafts have just been submitted to the IETF Internet Draft

1) An updated DIME spec with revisions to the DIME record format so it
is NOT compatible with the previous version.

2) An WS-Attachments spec (formerly "SOAP in DIME") updated to match the
new DIME spec and with several clarifications.

Until the drafts become available in the IETF Internet Draft archives
(may be a backlog because of the upcoming submission deadline), you can
find a local copy at [1] and [2].

You will note that the DIME author list includes Russell Butek and Simon
Nash, IBM, and the WS-Attachments spec includes Joel Farrell, IBM.

As always, remember that these specifications are Internet Drafts, work
in progress, and will change as we move forward. Needless to say they
replace the previous drafts.

DIME Record Changes 

* Addition of a VERSION field at the front allowing us to move to new
versions as need be. The field has been designed so that it will not
conflict with existing DIME implementations.

* Addition of an OPTIONS field which contains a set of elements, each
containing a element type, length, and some data. The element types are
centrally registered and guidelines for IANA are provided.

* Changed the width of some of the fields so that more are 8/16/32-bit

Editorial Changes

* Replaced TNF with TYPE_T (editorial only)

* Updated diagrams to be 32-bit wide (also editorial)

* Added conformance requirement section

* Clarified handling of unknown TYPE_T (formerly TNF) values 

* Improved security considerations sections

Think that's it - comments, questions etc are welcome on the mailing

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen


Received on Friday, 28 June 2002 18:11:43 UTC