RE: Is whitespace significant in SOAP Messages?

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> I believe the latest editors' draft of SOAP part 1 is clearer 
> on this. 

Thank you, Noah.  Looking at the working draft at

Are the following assertions the intended interpretation of the use case:
    <m:GetLastTradePrice xmlns:m="Some-URI">
      <symbol> DIS</symbol>
         bright    orange


The whitespace is NOT significant between:
 the Envelope and Body start (end) tags and
 the Body and the "GetLastTradePrice" start (end) tags 
per Section 5:
"Element information items defined by this specification can have zero or
more character information item children whose character code is amongst the
whitespace characters as defined by [8]. Unless otherwise indicated, such
character information items are considered insignificant." 

The whitespace IS significant between:
 <m:GetLastTradePrice ...> and <symbol>
 <symbol> and "DIS"
 </symbol> and <color>
 "color" start (end) tags and "bright    orange"
 "bright" and "orange"
 </color> and </m:GetLastTradePrice>
 per 5.3.1:
"All child element information items of the SOAP Body element information
MAY have any number of character information item children. Child character
information items whose character code is amongst the whitespace characters
as defined by [8] are considered significant."

> Most likely, this text will appear in a formal working draft 
> shortly. Hope this helps.

Thank you, Noah, it does. When will the next working draft be released?  I
thought that the next draft might actually be a recommendation; is that no
longer the case?

Kevin Johnsrude
Rogue Wave Software,

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