Re: Web-friendly SOAP

Laird, I don't have time to think through all of your thoughts about
protocol layering right now but hope to later. I will address one little
thing I noticed however:

Laird Popkin wrote:
> As far as addressing mechanisms go, ICE assumes that the endpoints can be
> described by a URL,

Except that UDP (for example) doesn't have URLs!

> ...  and all other identifiers are internal to the ICE
> protocol. 

This latter is one of the things I worry about with this focus on
"protocol agnosticism". I doubt it is productive for ICE to define its
own internal identifier structure. If you choose to make ICE a web
protocol then it becomes clear that ICE should use Web addressing: URIs.
My sense is that any other addressing mechanism is a competitive
disadvantage for ICE but I'm not expert enough in the domain to predict
how or where problems will arise.

 Paul Prescod

Received on Wednesday, 19 June 2002 01:25:51 UTC