Re: Primer draft with GET Additions

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Perhaps we can just agree that you should use HTTP GET when you can use
> HTTP GET and HTTP POST otherwise. That is the gist of the TAG finding.
> You can use HTTP GET when the operation is safe, ideally
> side-effect-free and the volume of data in the request is acceptable to
> the software you are using (at the very least 4K!).

My only issue is with the proposed deprecation of HTTP POST for all pure 
information requests. Just like in many HTML FORM applications today, 
some services will accept both HTTP GET and HTTP POST; the choice of 
which one to be used would be left up to the client.  From the proposed 
3.1.3, "In other words, as seen from the above examples, the 
recommendation in the SOAP specifications is to use URIs in a 
Web-architecture compatible way - that is, as resource identifiers - 
whether or not it is GET or POST that is used.".

- Sam Ruby

Received on Tuesday, 18 June 2002 04:20:16 UTC